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Cornerian Elite Guard's Journal
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Wednesday, November 28th, 2012
9:19 am
Been thinking about this some, and I think it's become clear that we need to share cohesive schedules of our day-to-day if we're ever going to make off-game rp happen. The only people who have tagged me lately for anything at all have been Mark and JW, and both those times we've only been able to shoot the breeze and not play much. So I guess something like this is needed.

Here is my schedule. Reply to this with one of your own in a similar format:

(please note that times listed are in EST; I live in South Carolina.)

Monday: Work 11pm - 8am ~ Free time 6pm - 10 pm
Tuesday: Work 11pm - 8am ~ Free time 6pm - 10 pm
Wednesday: Work 11pm - 8am ~ Free time 3pm - 10 pm (may not always be up to it or distracted until 6)
Thursday: Work 11pm - 8am ~ Free time 6pm - 10 pm
Friday: Work No work ~ Free time All night (usually wake at 6pm)
Saturday: Game Night
Sunday: Work 11pm - 8am ~ Free time 3pm - 10 pm (may not always be up to it or distracted until 6)

My schedule will very seldom change. If you have a schedule that is more fluid, just post with a rough outline of how things most frequently go for you concerning your work/sleep schedule and free online time. Specifics can be worked out in a shared notice on SugarSync and/or monthly posts to the group livejournal.

My hope is, knowing each others on and off times will help facilitate further communication over AIM. It will help us game together, arrange things together, or simply find each other on to talk about things.

While we're at it:

AIM: Unkle Raditz
E-mail: BigBrotherRaditz@msn.com

You guys should have this already, but I'm throwing it out there for the newbie, or in case you don't have my direct e-mail.
Saturday, November 17th, 2012
9:44 pm
Big White Envelope
Everyone.. and I do mean 'everyone'*, all the characters within the Archangel circles, as well as Inferi Dii and Seven Sins folks, will get a white envelope in the mail somewhere around November 12th, 2305. There is no return address, and in its place merely a gold-emblazoned pair of embossed wings. The lettering on the envelope address is elegant. The back has another embossed, gold emblem, this one a simple circle with a big A in it.

*(Everyone: Shiro, Kuro, Amaranthine, Garnet, Ruby, Brick, Denise, Simon, Muhammed (who should already be well aware anyway), Rihanna, Scott Mullins, Amar, Arshallah, Derrike, Alex, Stripe, David, Glen, Coon, Bandit, Sajah, Max, Sylvannah, Hex, Kiki, Aya (who also is already well aware), Xin, Gabriela, Halcyon, Baiden, Noye, Zuri, Dax, Farrah, 'JAG', charlie, Sirah, Nashirah, Cameron, Kris, the new general and Ja's running man...

And all children/spouses thereof the above characters, as well as all of my chars... big gathering, this! There may be others with invites, unlisted, here.. but that is an OOC Fox mistake, not a Ja mistake. If you're not sure, just ask me. :)

It would be appreciated if you make a list of all your attending characters and attach it to the base of this post. :) Post with Character Lists


Open the EnvelopeCollapse )

Friday, September 21st, 2012
5:16 am
News Announcement
War News on the Tele:

Behind a podium with the CMF emblem stands ever familiar Ja, in full dress uniform with his two stars on his shoulders. His uniform is intact, and his hair recently cut a little shorter to better hide the out-of-regulation length it is.

"This is General Lacaob and I'm broadcasting today on behalf of the Cornerian Military Force, and all of Corneria and Lylat." He has to specify, after all, since he's spoken on national news on behalf of other parties, including the President of Natherica.

"It is a sobering announcement. A second and third wave of forces has come through our Lylatian space from the furthest planet of Eden where the ex-doctor Andross has been exiled. These alien forces are scattered through the deep space of Lylat. We cannot determine where the initial fleets are being recruited from, but the lizards are not our people.

"Several scouting missions that were sent to Eden have been lost, or returned sickly and injured. The planet we once had plans to create a paradise of with our terra-forming is heavily polluted and toxic, though we know Andross is still living there, somewhere."

He sighs, contemplating whether or not he's going to stick to his script. "A new proposition will be submitted at this years Summit to rename Eden to reflect the new poison it houses to Venom, and the alien forces that have brought upon us by Dr. Andross, Venomians.

"This is a force to be reckoned with. These Venomians have completely taken MacBeth from our control. We have no radio or contact with the planet. Being that the raw materials from MacBeth are critical in our war-expansion efforts this will be a priority of ours to regain territory.

"Zonessian skies are flocked with Venom's spacecraft. The battle still rages on, there, even as we speak. Other planets have already been affected by the aliens, even as far as Fichina's cold surface.

"Lastly, the third fleet is heading for Corneria. We intercepted some of the space transmissions and they will be here within two weeks. The CMF is already intercepting this fleet as our number one priority. Katina's base forces are fighting in an effort to deter the attack.

"I ask that you as the people of Corneria stay calm, and stay informed. The sheer numbers of the Venomians is immense. Every effort that can be put forth to battle against them will be crucial to the outcome of this war.

"We will strike back with every man and weapon we have. Andross will soon feel the wrath of the Lylatians. Thank you."

The press and media stir with a buzz, and one question escapes above the others, "General, how will this affect your campaign?"

Ja's eyes light up with an intense glare, and he turns it on the poor hawk that asked the question. "In light of the news just delivered, I don't think my campaigning is the biggest thing you should be worrying about. No questions." He turns, abruptly, to leave the view of the camera and the inquisitions from the press.

Thursday, August 30th, 2012
8:13 am
Road Trip
Putting a heads up here too.

This Friday the family is taking a trip and I'm coming along. We're going to visit my brother and his new wife before he enrolls in the Navy, and this will probably be the last chance to see him in quite some time. They are dirt poor, so they probably don't have Internet access. That said, the chance is greater than not that I won't be here if we game on Friday.

However, Sunday night I don't have to work thanks to the Labor Day holiday. I could definitely show up to a game then if y'all decide to run one, though I don't know what time the family will be getting back. It could be late.
Tuesday, August 28th, 2012
7:11 pm
5:43 pm
"If you think this is really necessary then perhaps I should sign up for cross-training in psychiatry; I've been seeing a need for that lately anyways."

"No no, you're good. And you're on. Go."

Sylvannah sits composed in a chair, watching someone off-screen as they move across the room, the door closing behind them. She's wearing a red chiongsam-like dress with black filgree and lace, complete with a high collar and a low neckline. Her eyes slowly shift back to the camera and she stares at it in silence for a moment. Finally with a sigh, she leans forward, pulling her tail into her lap.

"As part of the review process following recent events, we are having to submit private video journals for professional psychiatric assessment of our team. It has now been..." Syl has to look up for a moment as she caluclates in her head. "...nearly a month since the aforementioned incident. A former teammate flipped her shit, shot our commanding officer and then gunned down another teammate. Everyone that matters survived."

"There is more to say about it, but like most of the team I am attempting to put it behind me. You already know all the details anyways. If you want to know about me...I came into the military for the experience. I was raised as the middle child in a well-to-do old Italin family. As their only daughter, I was...pampered."

She frowns.

"They had this...way of seeing things. They were behind the times. They kept trying to push me into their own visions for my life. Be a homemaker, a cook, a musician! Be a gymnast, a swimmer or a dancer! Be an equestrian! Be a doctor! But never, ever do anything that a good little high-born girl shouldn't be doing." Syl shakes her head slowly. "They expected different things of me, all because I was a girl. My parents were both old fashioned like that; Mom is guilty of it too!"

"It's not like I don't love them. I do. Family means the world to me. But they are set in their ways. Because I have a vagina, they wouldn't let me do some of the things that I wanted. So...I did it anyways." Syl grins. "To the point, I took my studies in sports medicine and used it to get into the military. I did well enough on all of my skill tests and combat exams that they have me out in the feilds as a combat medic. It is grueling work. I risk myself regularly. I have seen things that would turn your stomach. But I think I would quit as soon as be stuck in an office somewhere...the whole point in coming here was to prove to my family that I Am Capable. I can hold my own. I can fight, play, love, lead, and do anything expected of  a man just as capably, if not better."

"And that is all I'm willing to divulge. If you want to know more, why don't you try asking me out on a date?" She reaches for the camera, winking as she does so, and the screen goes dark.

Current Mood: amused
Sunday, August 19th, 2012
4:43 pm
CEG Poster Progress #10
Ugh, to organize my thoughts is never easy.

I'm now running windows 7 (Thanks, Shiro! *shakes the window*) on a different beast of a machine (named Sabertooth)... new mobo is in, things are installed and so here's to hoping I've seen the end of blue screens for at least a couple years. Too early to really tell but I can be hopeful...

That said, I'm trying to give the machine a run for it's money (without.. you know, frying it..) and see how it holds up, and of course, finally settle in and make some serious progress on the CEG Poster. I want to see it done as much as the rest of you and it's obnoxious it's been this long in the making.

There is a silver lining, though... my art abilities (I feel) have greatly progressed since I began this. I think it's kind of funny how different Coon looks from Anthony, since I started with Anthony and worked my way right, character by character. Therefore, each character is going to get a makeover before I ask for final calls. I was going to go back to each character, anyway, to fix small things, so this isn't really that far out of my way as far as what I was planning.

Final call means... I have done everything I feel that I need to do with your character: Removed lines, fixed small details and fixed other things I noticed were 'off'... so Final Call means it's your last chance to have me fix ANYTHING you see wrong on your character, no matter how big or minor. If it's wrong, if it bothers you, if it's not something that would be appropriate for your character, then this is your last shot to get it fixed, so TELL ME. Seriously.

Here's what I've gotten done, today, and what I need from each of you respective to your characters:


Background, obviously. I figured I have to give the computer a real run for its money, and so working on the HUGE background without reserve definitely is doing that. The clouds are not done.. in fact, nothing about the background is 'done'. I need to add clouds, fix the ones that are there, play with the sky shading, as well as the cement, all kinds of things. I merely wanted to give it a go with the new setup, and will continue working on it as people give me feedback on the characters.

David: Finally, you get to see your man with his color! I already removed lines from him, and cleaned up some mess I left months ago. The pants were initially blue, but I went in to fix the hue of the pant color and stumbled on brown and thought it actually looked really good, so hey. If you have anything you want fixed/changed/added on him, now's a good time. He's almost at final call simply because of the style I used versus the other characters. I have to wait a week and look at him again to make sure I myself am satisfied before I can do final call, though.

Xin: Makeover complete.. lines removed, eyes fixed, a few things cleaned up. Final call for you. Old version on the left, below. New version on the right.

Everyone else: Yeah, Ain't touched your chars yet, today. That doesn't mean you can't be like 'omg, fix this..'. Please tell me. The sooner the better. Lines will be taken off soon and some of the shading will be smoothed down, much like you see I did with Xin.

All> How's the color? Is it bright or not? On one monitor it looks fine, on my other monitor it goes to shit, so I'd like to get an idea of where other people have their monitors set. :)

Pics behind cut.Collapse )

What is left?
-- Ja, everything. (9hours)
-- All: Changes requested by you guys. (Dependent on requests.)
-- All: Secondary details/lighting/special effects. (2 hours per char.)
-- Background/foreground awesomeness. (...depends on how into it I get.)

To Fix:
Check all chars for shading
Check all chars for expression
Check all chars for 'lines'.

Coons Belt Buckle
Denise's pants lighting (darker, less contrast on shading).
Lighting on Coon and Denise (make more like Xin/Shiro).
Tony's eyes?
Shiro's neck
Shiro's Pants
Tony's boots..
Ja's height.
Shiro's arm? Forearm and side of chest
Shiro's pants needs more convincing shading

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012
9:23 pm
I've been fiddling around with anatomy lately, mostly failing at it. A while back Adrian told me I could use Syl's figure to practice with. Well, my first attempt was kind of a flop. The head just looked pasted on the body, and I hated the way I drew the feet. With art, if there's something I just can't get right, it gnaws at me until I do. So that's what this is. I tried a new pose, one that I was able to find several refs of to get it right. I also tried my hand at cell shading. I kinda like it. It looks cleaner than my usual smudging method. There are still a few bugs in this pic, but they are very minor in my eyes. She looks kinda feline, but I guess that's okay. Hell, even Pepe Le Pew has issues with that!  

Pic Behind CutCollapse )

Current Mood: artistic
Wednesday, August 8th, 2012
8:05 am
Major Rachelle Prideaux
This was supposed to be.. one of those 'fast art' things.. just to get the colors and shit out there. It's also designed as a nude, but I'm posting the one with the dress here because most of you haven't seen her naked. :P But the nude version of this image is fucking AMAZING. Seriously. This turned out remarkably well for 7 hours. ((3 of those hours were working on her fucking hair.))

Also, she normally has her hair in a braid, but y'all saw it down in Megas at least once, so it's down. Was worth the 3 hours.

Anywho, here's Major Prideaux, aka Envy. Ironic, she ended up in green. That wasn't planned, seriously.

Pic Behind CutCollapse )

I'd also like to bitch that somewhere amidst working on this, I bluescreened THREE TIMES IN THIRTY MINUTES. So I spent an hour and a half reinstalling a couple things and stabilizing this beast. -.- This almost didn't get done tonight. So if you wonder why I'm not working on the CEG poster, that's why. Bluescreens EAT ART.

Saturday, July 14th, 2012
5:39 pm
Thursday, July 12th, 2012
5:27 pm
99 Problems And A Bitch Caused Everysingleone
Sylvannah writes in her journal, looking obviously distraught as she sits at her desk.

Jessemond Evans.

I honestly believed our problems with her were over when she was removed from the team. For an empath, I find it incredibly ironic that she's suffering from the kind of emotional instability I would diagnose as a disorder were I qualified. Brickford should have known better; he was there when she attacked our commanding officer in the field, he knew firsthand how she was with discipline. She simply does not react to major stress the same way normal people do. Perhaps love is as blind as the recruiting office?

Now two of ours have been shot. Our commander (again), and Malice, who was fool enough to go off alone without asking anyone first. I do not know what she was thinking, but part of me feels as though she wanted to do right by the Major. Jessemond is hurt; probably scared and on the run. If she was dangerous before, she is most likely incredibly moreso now.

I put on a more...cavalier attitude to try and cheer Malice...but now I am not so sure if hunting her down is something I can do. Everyone I've killed in the past has been someone I haven't known personally. Kanisians who hate Italins, street thugs trying to work over my family, and more recently the lizards trying to take over our planet or social order or whatever the hell it is they want. Jessemond may not exactly be a friend to me, but I know her name and I know her face. We've been through some particular hells together. We were allies.

 I wanted to deal with her alone or with Brickford. Unlike Malice, she actually knows me. I might have been able to talk her down. Bring her in. Get her some of the help she so desperately needs. She hasn't killed anyone...yet.

I'm not sure if I can look her in the eyes and take her life from her.

I am trying to convince myself that Jessemond deserves whatever happens to her; She's destroyed the team not once but twice now...but I can't help but feel as though both incidents were the result of her being unable to control herself.

And the real victim in all of this is Brickford, who probably deserves it the least, but will blame himself anyways.

Monday, July 2nd, 2012
6:47 pm
Sunday, July 1st, 2012
9:24 pm
Friday, June 29th, 2012
11:43 pm
Love in Black and White

From the journal of Mikasi Cuervo

I’m smitten. Hopelessly head-over heels in love. I’ve never been so happy… Yeah yeah I know, never date your co-workers. But I can’t help it. This girl has got it all. She’s athletic, talented, funny, smart… What more could a guy ask for? And the best part of it all? She loves me back. When she said those three little words, I thought my heart was gonna explode. She’s all I can think about. I close my eyes and I can see her, in sharp contrast, her eyes a clear azure. The way she smells is still fresh in my mind. All I can think of is lavender, like her favorite shampoo. Sweet, complex, maybe a little musty, but in the best possible way.

It still blows my mind that she would pick me. Me of all people, some rookie in a Stetson. And I’m still new to this whole relationship thing. She’s my first. Whether that clouds my judgment at all, I don’t think so. It’s not just some crush. I love her with all the pieces of my heart. And to know that she feels the same way? I don’t think that was an accident.

Is there any real future for us? Honestly, right now, I’m just living in the moment. Maybe someday down the line when we don’t have to look over our shoulders and worry whether the other is going to be alright. That’s the day I look forward to. I lay my head down tonight with that dream in my heart and her name on my lips.  

8:19 pm
Saturday, June 23rd, 2012
4:12 pm
Dotty's Diner

As great as Megas was, I needed a little downtime from all the glitz and bright lights. I was feeling kinda itchy in all those fancy duds, so I went out casual. Just a t-shirt and jeans, old scuffed boots and a white straw Stetson. I hailed a cab and asked the driver where a nice little diner was. Obviously a local, he perked up and assured me that Dotty’s had the best cherry pie this side of Canatia.

It was quite a ways from the strip...Collapse )

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012
9:25 pm
Sunday, May 20th, 2012
10:12 pm
Absolute cold.
The subtle thrum of the Salahan fighter's engine filled the cockpit and was well on it's way toward lulling Kuro to sleep. Inferi Dii was currently on station in orbit around Macbeth after their last mission of establishing space superiority. In and out of atmosphere, dancing in a dogfight and popping tanks on the ground like balloons! That was exciting! Now? Now they were orbiting again and again to provide support as the ground forces. This was so boring. So boring Kuro was about to program the auto pilot and take a nap.Read more...Collapse )
Sunday, May 6th, 2012
7:35 pm
Crumbled Walls, Broken Hearts
He had managed to sneak into the school that day through the a side door in order to avoid being caught by the other, larger children. At eight years old, Brickford was smaller and weaker than the others. Brickford moved quickly up the hall toward the class rooms, slipping quietly into the main hall. He carefully made sure the door closed quietly and turned to head toward the class room. At least he was headed to the class room before he bumped into her. She was Tatianna Chertov, a ten year old German Shepard. Brickford was so nervous. She was two years older than he was! "Hiiiii Bricky~!", she said as she smiled sweetly at him. Brickford blinks at her confused. Was she actually smiling at him? He replied in an uneasy manner: "H-h-hi...T-Tatianna." She giggled at his nervousness: "You're so cute. Do you want to be my boyfriend?" Brickford lit up, "S-sure!", he said, tail wagging slightly.
Read more...Collapse )
7:05 pm
Finally got my portrait of Mikasi done!
I tried to keep within the same style as the others, and I think I did. The only major difference is that I used a different line thickness and I finally figured out how to draw cheek fuzzies properly! Well, that and the inside of the ear is a W shape rather than a Z. I rather like the yellow. Looks sunny XD 
Picture Here!Collapse )
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